A Must Read – “Marathoning for Mortals”

My all time favorite running book is “Marathoning for Mortals” written by John Bingham.  It is an absolute must read for any runner, especially beginners.  This book was not only inspiring but had me laughing the whole way through.  The book gives tips for running that all beginner marathoners need to know as well as training guides. To view this book click this link to John Bingham’s website www.johnbingham.com/store.html#books.


John Bingham is also known as “The Penguin.”  He has completed 45 marathons and has brought up the rear in most of them.  He got this name by his waddle when he runs.  He, like most of us, are not out there to try and win the marathon, but to have the most amazing time you can while on the course.

Running the marathon or half marathon can be for so many things.  There are very few who run with the intention of winning.  Some of us want to set a new PR (personal record), weather we admit it or not I think we all want to do this at each race.  Other reasons marathons are ran are to see the sights, such as in the Disney races, runners get to see the “behind the scenes” of the parks.  As with Team in Training we run to raise awareness for blood cancers.  There are many different organizations represented during the races, but I will say I think Team in Training is the best! And others who run just like to dress up and have a ball.  But one thing all runners share is that we like the bling – the medals.

John Bingham has a quote that can be found throughout his books, blogs, columns and even T-shirts, “The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”  So what are you waiting for, get started.

You can visit John Bingham’s website www.johnbingham.com and learn more about his books as well as get training tips and much more.

As John would say,

“Waddle On”


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