An Amazing Day

Today was just an amazing day.  I know this is not about running or nutrition or anything close for that matter, but I just had to share my day with you.

My friend Tina and I were given the opportunity to volunteer our time at Kennedy Space Center serving food in exchange for an up close view of the shuttle launch.  As most of you know I love shuttle launches.  Just as most of the others this one was just as amazing.

We arrived at KSC at 7:30am to get our badges, which make you feel so important.  Then we got our special T-shirts that said “Shuttle Launch Team,” that was just the icing on the cake.  Below is a picture of my friend Rachel and I in our special T’s.


We served a lot of people for the next few hours and then as promised we got the most amazing view of the launch.  So here are a few pictures so you can see too.

The shuttle Atlantis on the launch pad awaiting her final voyage.


Here is where we heard and felt the roar. AWESOME!!!!

Look closely here and you can see the rocket boosters falling off.

When all was said and done it took four hours for us to drive 39 miles home.  But this was a great time as well for Tina and I to chat and yawn and then laugh.  

As with the last launch it was bittersweet.  I did not get to tell my Dad about it.  He did not get to listen on the other end of the phone in hopes to hear the roar with me.  But I did get to hold his camera and remember all the wonderful picture taking opportunities we had together.  It was all fantastic.


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