Still Surprised

As many of you know my husband has not been to fond of running.  He loves Rugby and Rowing, but NOT running.  Well he has decided to run a half marathon!  Below is his story of why he wants to begin this journey.

Once upon a time……

It was the best of years; it was the worst of years…….

It is a truth universally acknowledged……

Captain’s log, star date ………

Who am I kidding, I am not about to write a classic piece of literature like Hans Christian Anderson, Charles Dickens, Jane Austin or even offer a profound retelling of a frontier encounter such as the infamous Captain James T. Kirk. I am simply trying to describe and share my experiences through this journal.

For today I am beginning a journey!

As most men, I believe that I can fix anything or at least attempt to make it right. I have to, don’t I?  However I have discovered that I cannot fix everything. As a Pastor I have spent many hours with family members who are grieving the death of a loved one. I have trained in fields of bereavement counseling, taken courses on stress disorders, sat in seminars dealing with community trauma, stood at the side of an interstate supporting families involved in fatal accidents and I have lost grandparents, aunts and close friends. Yet, when my wife of 12years lost her father to a blood disease, I found that all my training and experience didn’t work in my dealing with her grief. His death was not out of the ordinary in terms of my professional experience, but I was not able to operate from within my professional boundaries. In this instance I was just a husband and son-in-law who could not fix the pain my wife was experiencing. This is the reason behind the beginning of my journey that I am sharing with you. I cannot take away my wife’s pain but I can make a difference. So I decided that my only option was to do something tangible. So I decided I would run the half marathon with Team in Training. I have chosen to run the Disney Wine and Dine Half on October 2nd.

I am not a runner! I have been involved in many sports; Rugby, Cricket, Rowing, Soccer and Golf (okay I know that last one is a stretch). To run was part of the game or a necessity for preparation, conditioning and match fitness. To run was never something I just did because I wanted to, it was never a goal unto itself, it was because I needed to, in order to achieve another goal. My wife Jennifer has been coaching marathon teams for several seasons. Her primary work is with Team in Training, a fund raising wing of the American Leukemia Lymphoma Society. The motto for the team is “from couch potato to marathoner in four months”. I don’t think I would go as far as saying that I am a couch potato but I am not as active as I have been or should be.  So here I go!

To support Sam in his fundraising efforts follow this link.


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