Running Shoes

Running is probably the cheapest sport available.  With most sports you need multiple pieces of equipment, and most likely expensive equipment.  But with running all you really need is you, and of course a good pair of shoes.  And obviously for woman a good bra but that is another topic.

My favorite shoe


If you do not invest in anything else in your running career, invest in good shoes.  Now do not just go to your local big box store and fit yourself, or go to the mall and let some college student who has never run fit you.  And absolutely most importantly do not pick a shoes because it is pretty and pink (my favorite).  This could put a quick end to your running enjoyment.

 Most running injuries derive from the shoe.  Pain that occurs in both feet, legs or lower back area are more than likely coming from overused shoes or a bad fit.  Pain that occurs in just one leg or foot is probably an injury resulting from something else.

Unfortunately running shoes are only designed to last 300 – 500 miles.  For most people that is a decade of walking but for those training for marathons and half marathons this is only a couple of months.  And also know that this mileage guideline is based on your 90 pound elite athlete.  And as I have experienced most of us that run do not fit in this category.  I wish I did, but lets be honest – I don’t.

With my Team in Training team we take them to a shoe store and have a clinic to teach about the vast variety of running shoes.  They are taught what all the terminology means and then they are fitted for there shoes.  I know this is not available to all of you, but if you go to a specialty running store just ask and they should be able to teach you.  You can also go to and they have an entire section on running shoes and great information to help you.

 Shoes today range from your normal running shoe, all the way to the alien looking toe running shoe.  So it is very important that you go and get fitted from a running store.  Some of these stores have treadmills for you to run on and try the shoes equipped with video cameras to analyze your gait (the way you run).  Always bring in your old shoes so they can see how you run and go from their.


A good pair of running shoes can make or break you.  I cannot emphasize enough the importance of good shoes.  If you are in the Orlando area my favorite running store is Track Shack located on Mills Ave.  there website is  To find a store close to you just Google  running stores in your area. 

This is a video that describes the variety of running shoes.  As a TNT participant of beginner runner the first shoe described would be the best selection.

Be safe and have a great run.


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