Favorite Things – Garmin Forerunner

Not to sound like Oprah, but I wanted to begin sharing some of my favorite running things.  Along with my other series of things to blog about, this will come in a series as well.  These are different items that have changed my running life. I cannot imagine running without them.

As I mentioned before shoes are the most important equipment for running.  Next after that, as far as importance, would be the bra.  But for the sake of the male readers I will leave this alone and just say “Ladies go to a running store and get fitted.  It will be the best thing ever!”  But the one item I just cannot run without, or I feel naked, is my Garmin watch.


This is not an advertisement by Garmin, I just love this awesome running buddy of mine.  This thing is amazing.  With the press of a tiny button you are somehow connected to a satellite in outer space. 

During a run this watch can tell you your speed, unfortunately I do not challenge it much in this dept, calories burned, distance, time, how long you have run, your different paces and so much more.  For the longest time I could tell anybody anything, but could not figure out how to tell them the time, fortunately I have that figured out now.

For training, you can set the watch to beep if you are going too fast or too slow.  You can set it to beep so you can do intervals and you can set it to beep at different distances.  Even my dog Murphy has memorized the beeps and he knows when it is time to walk or run.

The coolest feature of all is that you can plug it into your computer and it will map your route  and graph your run, pretty neat.

As you can tell I love this item.  There are many to choose from.  Mine is the Garmin Forerunner 205 it comes without the heart rate monitor.  I know when I feel like I am going to die, I do not need a watch to tell me that. If you are getting serious about running this is a fabulous investment.

Happy Running


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