My Little Secret

OK, my little secret is getting out.  I know many of you are going to think I am crazy for doing this or blame it on grief.  Are you ready to roll your eyes and say “Here she goes again?”  Well here it is, I have gone vegan.

So what is vegan?  It is not consuming any animal products what so ever.  I love to watch people at this point think about what is left to actually eat.  And the strictest of vegans would take it as far as not wearing clothing or purchasing anything that comes from an animal.  Yes it does make for some changes in my lifestyle, but I will say all the changes have had positive results.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “How did Sam (my husband) take this?”  He is Welsh and most meals there consist of meat and two vegetables (potatoes and peas).  At first I will admit you could see panic written all over his face, but after tasting some of my cooking he is very supportive. Let me emphasize “some”, we have discovered several veggies that will never pass through the threshold of this house again. Sam’s favorite line for my cooking is that I make great side dishes.

Since I have had this conversation on numerous occasions I already know your third question, “Why”?  Well, to be perfectly honest the amount of yuk that is in our food now scares me.  I am watching too many people (including my Dad) die of cancers and related diseases and I do not want to go that way.  Do I think eating different will change all of that – no.  But I do know that I gave it my best shot to do the best I can at prevention.

Now for the sake of the animals.  I would not consider myself an animal activist, but after studying some of this lifestyle I will say I am glad of all the animals I am human.  Everyone needs to watch the movie Food Inc.  You can get it on instant play with Netflix.  If not to become vegan or vegetarian, just to become aware of where your food comes from.

It has been 5 weeks and 3 days since I have eaten anything non vegan (to my knowledge).  And I have to brag I have lost 8 lbs and Sam has lost 10 lbs.  I feel better than ever, I have so much more energy. And to top it off when I donate platelets I get done 20 minutes quicker because my platelet count has increased.

Will I eat like this forever? I don’t know.  Will I cheat? Probably.  But when I feel better than I have in a long time it is hard to think differently. If you are interested in reading any for yourself on a plant based diet or just want to try some of the delicious recipes I would love to suggest the book I read by Alicia Silverston, “The Kind Diet.”  It is very informative.


As I say with each positive I see…

Go Vegan!


7 responses

  1. Jen, you amaze me in how you can change your diet so quick and to loose the pounds as well as Sam. Well done! I am almost veggie but I love my steak to give everything up. Does this mean that we meet I don’t have to bring Galaxy Choc for Sam?

  2. I am very intrigued in trying this, but I think I’m going to wait until after the cruise! I paid a lot of money for that meat on that boat and I’m going to eat it!! =)

  3. Here’s the post! That’s such an awesome life change for you all. I look forward to reading more… It’s hard to eat vegetarian/vegan with the gluten-free thing, but we’re also trying to be much more conscientious of our choices. Great post! ~Kimberly

    • It has been quite the change, but I love it. Vegan on top of gluten free does not leave much. However there is a new vegan bakery in Orlando that does vegan and gluten free treats. They are pretty good. Hope you are doing well. We miss you.

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