Vegan Cruising

 I have now been vegan for 11 weeks and still loving it.  But I will admit the hardest time so far has been vegan cruising.  My Mom, sisters and I, along with her friend and three daughters, went on a cruise together in June and had a fabulous time.  We cruised on Carnival Cruise Lines and went to Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Roaton and Belize.  I would highly recommend this cruise. 


Although Carnival is great they are not overly prepared for vegans.  I studied up before the cruise and found that the proper protocol was to let the head waiter know the first night of the cruise.  So needless to say they were not so prepared for the first night. 


This was the vegetarian option for the first night.  Not sure how vegan it was.

But the fruit plate was nice.

For breakfast the only options were bagels, oatmeal or grits (plain just made with water). 


For lunch, hello salad bar.  On one day I did manage to get a pizza with no cheese from the 24 hour pizzeria, although not 100% sure the crust was vegan. Sorry no pictures of lunch.


For dinner, let’s just say TOFU! 

Sweet and Sour Tofu (and I am really hoping those were not egg noodles). But very good.

 Tofu Lasagna – not my favorite.

These enchiladas were my favorite and a break from tofu.

A Sweet and Sour Tofu repeat.

Teriyaki Tofu

And you guessed it, more tofu.  I think this was tofu stir fry?

But this was by far the best dessert.  Well the chocolate explosion looked good but not vegan.  This was a Mango sorbet they made just for me.  As my waiter would say “You speacial.”  I really hope it meant it was my special and not that I am “special”.

Our reason for picking Belize as a port was that this was a place my Dad had traveled to with the Lions Club to take pictures of the eye surguries they performed.  He always talked about how wonderful the food was.  Well he did not let me down with his recommendation.  The best meal the whole week was the one in the Bacob Eco Forest.  They made us a traditional Belizian meal of beans and rice, fried plantains and an assortment of tropical fruit.

It was much tastier than the picture gives it credit for.  I think plantains are my new favorite food.

Another treat was the cohune nut found in Belize.  The guide used rocks to break it open and it looked like a small coconut.  Lori and I gave them a try.  They were not too bad.

A few tips I did learn from the Carnival experience.  Make sure you do tell the head waiter in the main dining room about your dietary preference.  For each of the food stands look for the staff member with the red scarf.  This means they are the head staff member of that area and they will help you.  Most of all find the person that will help you and ask all your questions.  We had one waiter that spoke clear English until I asked a question and then there was a language barrier.  But we had another waiter that always got the answers.

I have read, and am still investigating on, that Celebrity Cruises offers many dietary options (gluten free, vegan, vegetarian etc.) at each meal. 


                                                    Happy Vegan Cruising                      


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