le Tour de France

I will admit I am a Tour de France addict.  I watch all 21 stages every year.  I do fast forward some; I promise I do not watch the entire 5 hours a day.  I just love it.  There is just something about these guys that ride 2,200 miles in 21 days.  I am always amazed at what the human body can do.  And I do pride myself that this year Texas (rider Lance Armstrong) beat Wales (rider Geraint Thomas). 


This year the last stage had to be my favorite.  Lance Armstrong is again retiring from cycling, but did not go out without a bang.  He did not win his eighth title for the Tour de France, but what he tried to do for cancer was inspiring.

Each stage his team, Team Radio Shack, wore there red jerseys with the radio shack logo and a yellow strip at the end of the sleeve for his cancer foundation, Livestrong.  On the last day of the tour when they enter Paris his team came out with their new jerseys.  These jerseys were black with the radio shack logo on front, but on the back bore the number 28.  28 represents the 28 millions people in the world suffering from cancer. 


Once the race was on the way the race officials threatened to disqualify the team if they did not put back on their approved racing jerseys.  The team put the old jerseys on top but the race officials were still not happy that their race numbers were not visible and again threatened to disqualify them.  So all the riders sat on the side of the road and replaced their race number onto their old bibs.  Sadly they had to change but the publicity they got Sunday will far out weigh their having to change.


Lance Armstrong may not have won the yellow jersey for himself, but his team Radio Shack took first among the teams.  I have to believe this past Sunday that awareness for cancer was mentioned around the world. 

My part with Team in Training seems so small in comparison to his reaching the world, but I know that as we each take a stand to make a difference against cancer we will soon find a cure.


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