Recently I discovered this new book called “Thrive”.  I had been on the Kind Life website and someone mentioned the name Brendon Brazier.  I looked him up and found not only does he eat a plant based diet, but he also professionally trains for the Ironman triathlon (2.4 miles swim, 156 miles bike, 26.2 run).  This definitely peaked my interest. 


His basis for eating a plant based diet was to find a diet that allowed his body to recover fastest so he could then train more than his opponents.  He has now written two books one called “Thrive Nutrition” and the other “Thrive Fitness”.  Both books are based on training and eating a plant based diet.


I have not yet read them, but am very intrigued by what I have heard from him so far.  As I was ordering the books I saw his calendar on his website and found that he was here in Central Florida this week.  So last night I went to Deland to his seminar and it was fantastic.  It was not based on how what you eat is so bad for you, but what foods are amazing and will help you as an athlete recover faster.

I wanted to write this today even before I read the books because he will be in Orlando tonight and I thought many of you might want to have the opportunity to hear him as well.  Tonight at 6:00 pm he will be at Chamberlains in Winter Park.  You can go to his website for more info.


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