Nike Women’s San Fransisco Marathon

This race was amazing.  It is definitely one of my favorite races.  I was a little nervous of how this week would play out for me emotionally.  The last weekend I had with my Dad we discussed him coming to the race.  After he passed away my Mom had told me that he had actually wanted to get better and run the race with me.  That would have been a dream come true.

While in the process of signing up for this race with Team in Training my sister Christi called me and said she wanted to run the race with me in place of my Dad.  I was so touched and excited for this experience.

(My sister and I before the race with my Mom jumping in the picture behind us)

The race was exceptional, except for the weather, but there was no one I would have rather trudged through the mud and rain with on the chocolate mile than my sister.  I was so proud of her for training 800 miles away on her own.

Here are a few high points of the course.

The start line.

The first hill.  I promise it was much steeper than the picture implies.


The brochure said it would be a breathtaking view of Alchatrez. I am still not sure how a prison can be described as breathtaking.

Mile 5

You have to love men in pink unitards.

Golden Gate Bridge

And of course the Tiffany necklace!

Christi getting her necklace.

This race was started to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  In the seven years of it’s existence $105 million has been raised for blood cancers.

Here is a video made by one of my participants, Britni, of her race experience.

Hope to see you on the course next year for this amazing run!


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