One Year Vegan

Today I celebrated one year as a vegan and there could not have been a better way to celebrate than at the Earth Day festival of Central Florida.  Not only were there fantastic ways to live more humanely, but there was a plethora of fantastic vegan food.  It is not everyday that a vegan can go to a festival (or many places for that matter) and pick from any food vendor.

For those of you in Central Florida, vegan or not, you need to check out these vendors.  These are places I support usually on a weekly basis.  I will blog a little more on them at a later date, but here are there websites for you to look into.

Homegrown is where I get 90% of my produce, grains and other sweet treats.  You order Sunday through Wednesday and then get to pick it up on Thursday.  So easy, local and fantastic food.

This is where you can usually find me on Sunday after church.  The one thing I do miss as a vegan is going out for breakfast. This is the most limiting meal when eating at a restaurant.  The usual is oatmeal.  But at Ethos every Sunday they do a brunch that is fabulous.  My favorite is the French Toast followed by the Apple Jacks.  Sam loves the Breakfast Burrito and he is still convinced there is actually meat in the burrito, but there is not.

I think I have found another new favorite.  A vegan bakery at Downtown Disney!  I got to try their coconut doughnuts today…fabulous.  And the brownies were kid approved.

I did get to do something I have wanted to do for a while.  My first season with Team In Training one of the participants got a henna tattoo with all of her heroes names on her arm.  Well there was a henna tattoo place there so I go to do this as well.  I will be running the Nashville Country Music Marathon this coming weekend with Team In Training so everyone I am running for is now on my arm.  I hope it lasts.

Living as a vegan for a year has been great.  I do not for see ever wanting to turn back.  Most people think I am depriving myself from all the good things in life, but I see it more as doors are being opened to so many new and wonderful things.

Many of you have written to me about the book I talked about, “The Kind Life.”  And asked what my favorite’s from the book have been.  Well it is hard to say because I have not tried anything that I have not liked (and I have made about 90% of the recipes), but I would have to say my favorite for the kids are the Crispy Peanut Butter Treats with Chocolate Chips.  I make this with almond butter since Sam can’t have peanuts, but shh do not tell the kids.  My personal favorite, I have two, one is the Toasted Nori Burritos.  This is something I would have never tried pre-vegan, but it is so good.  The other is the cornbread. So yummy.

The benefits I have seen over the past year:

Clearer Skin

No more Tums.  I took these on a daily basis and have not needed one yet.

Lots more energy.

No more constipation, no more prep H (major benefit from not eating meat which usually stays in the digestive system for several days).

Most of all I love knowing that each day I am doing something good for not only me, but for the animals and the earth.


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