Nashville Country Music Marathon

The Nashville Country Music Marathon was great, but out of the four marathons I have taken part of this was by far the hardest.  I traveled again with Team in Training.  At this event their were 314 TNT participants from 15 chapters across the U.S. and Canada.  Among these 314 $900,00.00 was raised for research and patient services for blood cancers.  Here is a sample of what the weekend entailed.

Breakfast before the Expo

Before each endurance event with TNT we have an inspirational dinner, with of course the main dish being pasta.  The speaker for this event was John “The Penguin” Bingham.  He is an amazing speaker and author.  (I have a previous blog about him if you want to know more about his books.)  During the dinner it is always such a great reminder of why we do what we do.  You get to meet patients and their families that have survived due to medications created by TNT funds.  One father got up and sang a song of his young daughters survival of two types of Leukemia.  There was not a dry eye in the room.  This is what TNT is all about, bettering the life of those fighting to survive blood cancer.

Each race we begin at the latest around 4 am.  And of course it always starts with a group picture.

To make sure you are at the race on time it is important to get there a couple hours before the start.  This helps alleviate stress with road closures etc. During these hours it is important to keep busy to help alleviate pre-race jitters as best as possible.  Fortunately one of our participants had his foam roller for stretching before the race.   This was great for both stretching and humor during our wait.

Brooks brand clothing and shoes had this fabulous restroom setup.  For those of you who have ever run an endurance event you know how valuable the port a potties can be.  Well Brooks provided VIP toilets for those who had made a Brooks purchase during the expo.  I will say these were portable potties at an all new level.  The team concluded that it was, “Just like home.”

For each race it is always important to remember why you are there.  Whether it is for yourself, someone else or an amazing goal.  Before and during a race you must remember your original attentions to help keep your focus.

For My Dad

Taylor and I

Almost there!

Part of the Jacksonville team

Lindsey and Erik




After each race with TNT is the Victory Party.  Since we were in Nashville their was no better place to host it than at the Wild Horse Saloon.

Thank you all that were on the Team to make it a fabulous season.  I look forward to having you on the team again.  For anyone else that might want to give TNT a try we are recruiting for our next season at Disney and in San Francisco.  For more information go to


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