Early Morning Training

I absolutely love my early morning runs.  During this training season my friend Tina and I get up before the sun to do our long runs.  It is so important to get up early to do these runs to try and protect ourselves from the heat.  I just cringe when I see people out at two in the afternoon when it is 97 degrees out.  They are just asking for heat stroke.

In the early hours we get to see so much.  Unfortunatly the camera on my phone would not pick up the stars.  When we start early and the sky is clear the night sky is so beautiful.  Then as we make it to the lake this is the gorgeous sunrise we get to see.

And no run is complete without bunnies.

Or Birds

Or Turtles

Or Tina

One of my favorite parts about running is just getting to see so much that I miss when I am just driving by.  So many people ask where we go to run so many miles, and they are in shock when we say the neighborhood.  But as you can see I think it is pretty awesome.  We can actually go 20 miles and not run the same place twice.

When finding a place to run it is so important to find a safe place to run and when possible run with a friend.  When I go out for long distances I also want to make sure it is some place that I can find a restroom and refill my water containers.  Sometimes it is even fun to run to breakfast.

Along our path we make sure that the places that do not offer shade are the places we go in the dark (of course with a flashlight and reflective wear).  Then once the sun is up we run the places that offer shade.

I have actually had this post written for quite some time and just never posted and now I know why.  This Friday Tina and I got to see something that added a little spring to our step shall we say – a gator.  It is hard to live in Florida and not see one, but we were not expecting to see one just a few feet away.

He is the hump in the water.  I was not going to get any closer to get a better picture.

What fun things do you see when you run?


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