A Little More Vegan

Earlier this summer we went on an old fashion family road trip, Florida to Texas to Minnesota back to Texas (that is another story) and then home to Florida.  We drove a little over 5,500 miles.  I know it sounds crazy, but we had fun.

I knew before setting out I would not be going through the most vegan of areas in the country.  So I went prepared.  I had bars, cereal, smoothie mix, etc.  I was ready.  There will be more to come on some of the great food I did find along the way.

While driving through corn field after corn field, a minimum of 200 miles of corn fields, I was going back and forth between reading “Big Green Purse” and “Farm Sanctuary” to my husband (details on those to follow in future blogs too).  This was not because he asked me to, it was more of he had no choice.

As I mentioned in one of my first blogs, https://milesforacure.wordpress.com/2010/06/10/my-little-secret/ My original intention for becoming vegan was for health purposes.  After watching my Dad die of a rare disease, I wanted to do anything I could to avoid what he went through. There is lots of research that proves a vegan diet eliminates or minimizes most diseases by just not eating animal products.

Since then I have read lots about veganism and researched what happens to animals.  I use to think that animal activist were a little on the strange side and that everything in books and pamphlets were all extreme cases.

While traveling through Farm Country,America, I got to see first hand just a glimpse of what factory farming does to innocent animals.  We had just entered Iowa when we passed two trucks overstuffed with extremely large pigs.  As I looked over I saw cuts all over these pigs with blood running down them.  Just the thought of these animals being poked, prodded and stuffed into these trailers to the point of these injuries was so sad to see.  I opened my window and the pigs in the back of the truck were wailing in pain.  I had never cried for an animal other than losing a dog or cat, but after seeing the pigs I could not hold it in.  I just sat in the car and cried.  It was the same sadness I felt when I came across a show on TV that showed child prostitution in foreign countries.  In both cases I had this overwhelming need to help the helpless.

As a Christian, and having the conviction that God created all things, I have to come to the conclusion I could no longer support the cruelty that goes on in the factory farms in our country and worldwide. As an American I am shocked that on TV we see people punished for cruelty to dogs and other favored pets, but when farm animals are treated the same way it is completely legal and economics encourages this behavior.

So maybe I am becoming one of those crazy vegan animal activist, but I would not have it any other way.  If nothing else this trip made me a little more vegan.

This picture I took does not show how bad the environment inside the trailer was, but as you can see the pigs side bulging through the side of the trailer shows how overly packed this truck was.


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