Best Veggie Burger

This is just a quick shot out for a great restaurant we visited last night.  We arrived in Savannah to run the Inaugural Rock N Roll Savannah Marathon.  My great buddy Tina had done lots of research to find where “The Vegans,” Taylor and I, could eat.  She found this one place called the Green Truck.  They had the best veggie burgers we had ever had.

This place was great.  They had a huge variety of options.  It had a trendy casual atmosphere with three vegan options on the menu.  They had veggie burgers, that were vegan although they were not gluten free.  They also had garbanzo bean stew and black bean soup and as the menu said “Just like mamma use to make.”  However we both agreed our mamma’s never made that.  Everything was made in house, including the ketchup. Absolutely delicious!

I highly recommend this place when coming through Savannah, Ga.













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