Savannah Rock and Roll Marathon 2011

Two weeks ago some friends and I went to Savannah, Georgia to run the Inaugural Rock and Roll Savannah Marathon.  This was a great race that I would highly recommend to anyone.

The course was very beginner friendly.  Almost entirely flat.  There were a couple overpasses, but nothing too difficult.  I do wish we could have gone through more of the historical district, but we went through lots of neighborhoods and were warmly welcomed by so many of the residents.  I do believe marathons are the best form of tourism.  You get to see so much of the city that you normally would not venture to.

Due to the flat course and the extra training all of us set a new PR (personal record).  I finally cut 6 minutes off my time and reached my time goal.  And I am very happy to report my friends and trainee’s, one beat her time by 30 minutes and the other beat her time by an hour.  Let’s just say there was a celebration at the finish line.

I was so excited that my sister was able to come and run the race as well.  She even brought along her husband and friend to run their first half marathon.  You guys rocked!

The one thing I absolutely love about Rock and Roll events is that at every mile there is a band.  These bands are usually local groups and they play a variety of styles.  Out of the four RnR events I have done this one had some of the best music (even over Nashville).  At the finish line of each Rock and Roll event there is a concert and this is usually a well known artist.  On the course in between each band you have local cheerleaders, girl scout troops, high school bands and water stops.  Rock and Roll provides a lot of energy along the course.

Then there are the spectators.  Spectators can make or break a race for a runner.  Sometimes when you are close to the end, worn out and wanting to quit, it can be a spectator with encouraging words that gets you through.

This was my favorite sign along the course, “Go complete stranger, GO!”  The other one I liked but do not have a picture said, “If you can run for five hours, I can at least sit here and cheer you on for five hours.”  Thank you whoever you are.

To top it all off, Savannah made for a great place to spend the weekend with my friends.  Between fabulous restaurants, ghost tours and walking along the river, we had a blast.  The best part of running for me is sharing the time with my friends.

Next race…Space Coast here we come.


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