Thanksgiving 2011

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving.

This year we had a very first complete vegan Thanksgiving, and it was amazing.  The food was so good we did not miss the usual centerpiece, the turkey.  Our turkey this year we actually adopted and is living at Farm Sanctuary ( ) in Watkins Glen, NY., her name is Victoria.

Before we began the cooking we headed out for our families 2nd Turkey Trot 5k.  I love this event.  It is such a great time getting to see friends and sharing one of my favorite activities with my family.

The Family

Janice, Jen, Tina and of course Gwynny.

For our Thanksgiving meal we had lots of the usual’s, they were just made vegan.

(sorry it is a little out of focus)

We had Mashed Sweet potatoes with coconut, Pecan Crusted Seitan, Mashed potatoes, Stuffing, Macaroni and Cheese and of course cranberry sauce.

So what is some of this stuff and how did we make it vegan?

Seitan is a wheat protein that has a meaty texture.  It is very tasty and good for you.  You can usually find it in the “healthy section” of the produce department and it is kept refrigerated.  As for the recipe for the seitan and the sweet potatoes, I do not have it, my friend Taylor brought it.

  For the mashed potatoes all you have to do is change your butter to Willow Run Margarine or Earth Balance Butter (sometimes for some crazy reason, at least in Orange, Tx. these are not found in the butter section of a grocery store but again in the produce section with the health foods), they both taste no different than normal butter.  For the milk I just substituted with almond milk.

The stuffing is my favorite  so this had to be good.  I watched this great video on cooking a vegan thanksgiving meal on the Forks over Knives website.  You can see it at  She made her stuffing with rice and I did not like that idea so I used all of her stuffing ingredients and substituted the rice with a vegan stuffing mix from whole foods.  It was amazing.

And then there was Dessert.

Pumpkin Tiramisu

Andy and Taylor put it together for us.  My husband fell in love with this.  The recipe, and many other wonderful recipes, can be found at

And of course it is not Thanksgiving without Pecan Pie.  I wish I could say I made this but I have to give all the credit to Raphsodic Bakery.  Thank you Katie for making such a great pie.  You can visit her website

There are more fall treats to come.  Have a safe and wonderful weekend.


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