Space Coast Marathon and Half Marathon

This was my second year doing the Space Coast event, the oldest marathon in Florida.  Last year I did the half marathon and this year I did the full marathon.  I had made a pact with myself to not do the same race twice, but I was persuaded by the medal and friends.  Plus I needed another training run for the insane run of 31 miles I plan to do in ten days.  My nerves go crazy just thinking about it.

Here’s the crew.

On the course we were known as the Pink Ladies.  Now let me clarify, these are NOT socks.  These are compression sleeves.  They are amazing and really help your legs while running.

This was last years medal I received for doing the half.

Are you ready to see this years medal?  It is awesome.

See why I had to do it again?

Space coast is great in that you not only get a dri-fit shirt but you also get a beach towel at the finish line.

The race overall is smaller in comparison to some of the larger races like those in the Rock N Roll  series, but it is nice to go back and forth, and do different types of runs.

This run is much like Grandma’s marathon in Duluth, Minnesota.  The entire race runs along the water.  The Space Coast marathon begins in the City of Cocoa and then runs along the Indian River.

The expo is on the small side but is at Kennedy Space Center.  I have not been able to attend the pasta dinner they offer, although I would have liked to.  The dinner is held under a Saturn V rocket.  This year the speaker was Katherine Switzer.  She was the first woman to run the Boston marathon.

The only thing lacking on the course were more spectators.  Between miles 17 to 26 you want spectators.  The energy they provide is sometimes all you need to keep going.  I did like that each water stop was a space theme.  One stop all the volunteers were dressed as Space Balls characters, remember them? And my favorite of course was the TNT stop where they were all dressed as Buzz Lightyear.

Overall, Great Race.  Thank You Running Zone.


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