Slow Turtle Farm

I love my veggie coop, Homegrown.  I get to order anything from fruit, veggies, teas, soap and so much more online and then go and pick it up.  It makes shopping so easy.  I also love knowing that the food I eat is all organic, not genetically modified and grown within 100 miles of where I live.

Another thing I love about the coop is that we get the opportunity to visit the farms our food comes from.  This past weekend we were able to visit Slow Turtle Farm in Eustis, Fl.  This farm produces goats milk cheese, so being vegan I do not make any purchases from this farm, however if I were not, this would be one farm I would totally support.  The animals were treated very well.  Their was not one unhappy animal.  So for all of you non vegans in Central Florida I would definitely recommend their products.

The kids with baby goats.

They even had the opportunity to bottle feed the babies.

Along with the Goats they also had…


They sheer the Alpaca, the wife spins the wool and the daughter knits it.

This had to be the tallest cow I have ever seen.  The shorter one is “normal” size.

And this had to be the biggest pig I had ever seen.  He was close to 1000 pounds.

A sheep and her baby

And of course no farm is complete without the rooster.


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