Missing My Dad

I cannot believe that next week will be the second anniversary of my Dad’s death.  Over the last couple weeks he has been on my mind and yesterday all I wanted was my comfort food that he use to make me.  His specialties were waffles, that we had on the morning of any special occasion, grilled cheese, nachos and chocolate cake. Now don’t let me mislead you he did not have a special recipe or secret ingredient.  It was the secret ingredients of Betty Crocker and a few others.  But as Marie Berone from “Everbody Loves Raymond” would have said, “It was made with love.”

So today I had to do my best to fulfill my comfort food needs. I really wanted Nachos and Chocolate Cake.  My Dad’s nachos were always the tortilla chips or nacho cheese Doritos with spicy Velveeta cheese, green olives and salsa.  I went to Dandelion Communitea Cafe and found these amazing Nachos, the “Macho Libre.”

Dandelion Café documentary from Anna Miller on Vimeo.

Then I moved onto my favorite bakery that I have mentioned before, Raphsodic.  Here I got my chocolate cake or as they call this cuppy cake, the “Feaxstess.” Yes their was yummy cream in the middle.

It was all so good.  Thank you to these two great restaurants for having awesome vegan food.  If you have not tried either of them I encourage you to do so.  You will not be disappointed.


2 responses

  1. Jen,
    I lost my dad in 1985, and I still have times when the loss will suddenly hit me. He was a great cook, too, very slow and methodical. Thanks for your openness and sharing your feelings, my heart goes out to you.

  2. Jen, it only seems like yesterday that you took the phone call to say he was ill and we were staying with you. All I can say is that my heart goes out to you, I think I would be like you if anything happened to Dad, at least we can be assured that he is with our Lord and Saviour waiting for the day you meet together!

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