This Ones For You Dad

Today is the two year anniversary of my Dad’s death. I have decided each year to do something fun on that date. I know he would rather me do that than sit around crying all day. Last year Sam took me to an Orlando Magics Game. It was so much fun and something my Dad would have hated. So it made it where I was not sitting their having a pitty party.

This year, I get to do something he would have loved, but now two years later I am able to enjoy these things as if he were with me. Well first of all Sam is taking me to a George Strait concert!! I know you Floridians here in Orlando probably don’t think that is that awesome, but for those of you in Texas you understand.

But this morning I got to do something really awesome, well for me at least. I got to run a half marathon with three wonderful friends. But the best part is that it was at a place I had wanted to take my Dad when he came here to visit, a place he would have loved to go bird watching.

The girls and I went out to Christmas, Florida and ran the Orlando Extreme Half Marathon. It was our first off road race and I can’t wait to do another. It was held at the Orlando Wetlands Park. It is sad we only live a couple miles from a place so beautiful and never knew it was there. So here are a few pictures of our race.

Tina, Taylor, Betsy and I pre race.

This should have been our first warning.

I don’t think I have ever said a race was peaceful, but this one was. Their was only 160 runners and being spaced out you could hear all that was around you. However, I did learn that alligators make an oinking noise, who knew.

Look close. Yes that is a 9 foot alligator. And Yes it got me moving.

Just have to show off our medals by the Alligator warning sign.

And Here we are with our Bling!

The joy of doing a race this small is that the four of us all placed in the top 9 for our age divisions. Go Girls!

I just have to say THANK YOU to my amazing friends who have walked this journey with me. As my sweet friend said, “I will never walk alone.” Thanks Guys. I love You.


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