Learning to Trail Run

I have started training for the Pembroke Coastal Challenge.  This will be my first run in my husband’s homeland of Wales and it is the most challenging run I have signed up for yet.  But I am always us for a challenge.


I will admit Tina (my running friend who is doing this with me) and I got a little nervous when we saw a supplies list that included a compass and whistle.

To plan for such a run, or any run, a runner has to try and replicate the run the best way possible.  So how do you train in Houston, Tx for a run in Wales? First off the weather is completely different and second is the terrain.  Throughout the run we will be going along paths, gravel and cliffs.  My husband says that is what the whistle is for, if I fall off they will be able to find me.  I’m praying that is not the case.

So I just moved to Houston leaving Tina behind in Orlando.  To train I have several obstacles to first overcome. Running with someone since I hate running alone and second, I had never run on a trail.  Well, you can find just about anything on google.  I googled Houston trail runners and this is who I found.

These are Trail Runners 101.  A great group to wake up for on Saturdays.

After two great Saturday mornings of Houston trail running this group went to Hunstville State Park for a six hour run.  I thought I would join in for more off road experience.  I was the slowest but I had a great time.

This was my favorite view.  I wanted to stop and take pictures, but my new British friend Richard kept reminding me to, “Walk with purpose.”  So thankfully someone else took some pictures.

That is me in the front in white sporting my new backpack I have to wear during the Pembroke Coastal Challenge.  Richard is in the picture too, not sure what he is doing.  Just happy to be on the trails.

I am so thankful for this group accepting me into their group and teaching me about the trails.   Now if only we could do something about this Houston heat and humidity.


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  1. Humidity will disappear for a week or two in winter; if you’re really lucky we’ll have a spell below freezing which will help reduce the beastly mosquitoes next year

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