Still Vertical

One of  my favorite post was one of my first, “Finish Vertical.”  I was in a 5K and an 81 year old said his goal was always to finish vertical.  I think about this every time I run, I want to finish vertical.

As you can guess I am very goal oriented.  I wanted to run and I did it.  I wanted to do a 15K, half marathon and marathon, and I did it.  I pretty much do what I put my mind too.

But one thing that drives me more than anything is hearing others achieve their goals.  There is just not much better than watching someone reach their dream.  I love to stand at the finish line and see the faces of those that finish their first race, and that is a race of any distance.

I was listening to the BeachBody team call today and was reminded of reaching goals.  The question brought up was, “What will it feel like when you reach your goal?”  Whether this goal is weight loss, running a race, getting a promotion, whatever it is what will it feel like when you accomplish it?

Most of the time the goal I always hear is weight loss and with over 20 million Americans overweight that is not surprising. So I ask you today what is your goal?  Why do you want to achieve that goal?  And what are you going to do to achieve that goal?

Most of you know I coach for BeachBody.  And I hope you know that for me it is not about the money but about helping you achieve your goals.  Remember my services are free as your coach (all you have to do is register on my website and you are on my team.)  I am here to motivate you and encourage you in whatever way you need.  The only time I make money is when you purchase an item from the website (and I am grateful when you do).

To help you achieve a weight loss goal here are some solutions:

1. Join one of my challenge groups.  This is when you and I get together with a few others on a private facebook group we are there for one another.  Email me and I can give you more info.

2. Check out the nutrition plans on the BeachBody website.  Once you register through my website you can opt for the free membership or the paid membership.  The only difference is the one you pay for includes a nutrition program.  Don’t worry it is not expensive.

3. Try Shakeology.  I love the Tropical Strawberry.  BeachBody has made each of these products to be your healthiest meal of the day.  Just replace one meal a day with it.  I have this each morning for breakfast.

4. Get a workout.  BeachBody has multiple programs to choose from: P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, Asylum, Body Gospel, Brazilian Butt Lift, Body Beast and many more.  All are proven to help you lose weight and firm up.  I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have on any of these products.  You can get more info by go to the website under “shop” or by clicking on the picture below for info on P90X.

Please remember I am here to help you any way that I can.  The mission of BeachBody is to change peoples lives and to end the obesity epidemic in America.  I want to be a part of ending the epidemic so let me know how I can help.

Just so you know, my next goal is to run the Pembroke Coastal Challenge in Wales.  It is a challenge of three marathons in three days.  What is your next goal?


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