Pontypoole Challenge Day 1

As you read in the previous post the Pembroke Coastal Challenge did not go as planned (cliffs, 45 mph wind gusts, hail and mud).  So Tina and I chose to make out own challenge.  We called this the Pontypoole Challenge.  I do have to say it was a lot more fun.

Sam, my husband, dropped us off at the canal close to where we were staying.  We knew the canal was roughly 45 miles long so he just said for us to call when we were done.  Here are just a few pictures of what we saw along the canal.

Sunrise over the canal.

The beautiful fall leaves.

Tina on one of our detours from the trail to see the little water falls.

Sheep, Sheep and more Sheep.

The canal boats.

Next time I am there I want to take a ride in one of these.  However, this time we got to assist in a dog rescue using the boats.


Our Finish



One of the best parts about the UK is that everything ends in the pub.

It made for a great after run meal.


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