A Runners Christmas List Part 2

My Runners Christmas list seemed to be a hit with most of you and since I thought of a few more things I thought I would do a part 2.

The Foam Roller

This is a injury preventer and life saver.  Many runners, especially woman, have experienced pain in the IT band.  This roller helps to work out that pain as well as help other areas.  You basically use your body weight and roll over the roller to help break up the lactic acid that builds up.  Exercises usually come with the roller plus you can find them online.

You can purchase the foam roller at just about any running store or online.

foam roller

Yankz make a great stocking stuffer.  You replace your shoe laces with them to be able to slip your shoe on.  I like them because my shoe is always tied the same way.  There are also great for triathlons when you need to get your shoes on in a hurry.  Again, these can be found at any running store or online.


CWX tights.  These can be pricey but are worth every dollar.  They are compression tights that can be purchased in several lengths.  They add pressure to the most commonly injured parts of your legs to prevent injury.  I use to struggle with IT band issues but after having these tights most of that has gone away.  Plus you feel really thin when you where them.

You can purchase these in any running store, amazon or www.cw-x.com


So I just learned about this one.  I know this is gross but most runners don’t have the best feet since they are often sweaty in running shoes which can lead to fungus and nails falling off.  I know, not encouraging.  But I went to a podiatrist and she had this product that looks great.  It is a nail polish that helps to prevent the growth of fungus.  The brand is Dr’s Remedy.  They can be found at http://www.remedynails.com/


And runners like to be pampered too so a gift card for a pedicure or massage is always a welcome gift.  However, it is good to make sure that the nail tech knows you are a runner so she does not remove all calluses and for the massage therapist to be a sports massage therapist.


I hope you like the second list just as much as the first.


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