Grandma’s Marathon

I know I say this about most of the marathons I do, but I think Grandma’s Marathon was one of my favorites so far.  It is a race I would do again.

The race gets its name from its sponsor, Grandma’s Restaurant.  The marathon runs from Two Harbors to Duluth, Minnesota. I have come to love point to point marathons, there is something new to see all along the course, no looping or going back and forth.  Most of the race ran along Lake Superior.  A small part of the run goes through the city of Duluth and finishes along the water.

I had so much fun getting to run this event with my friend Tina and her brother and sister.  The four of us got up bright and early to a cold and rainy morning.  This is not exactly what you want for race day, but you get what you get.  As we dressed in garbage bags (the best attire for keeping warm and dry) we boarded the bus to the start line.  This is the downfall of a point to point marathon; especially when your hotel is close the finish line.  You have to ride the bus the full 26.2 miles.  Sometimes that can mess with your mind.

Once we arrived at the start line, the rain slacked off.  The scenic railroad let off the last few runners and then backed up.  At 7:00 am the train went forward and blew it horn and the race began.

Tina and I ran most of the race together and then we separated.  I missed making my best time by two minutes (darn bathroom stops).  Tina set a new best time, Go Tina!



Her brother and sister did amazing.  This was there first marathon.



At the finish line we also saw a couple get engaged.

And no race is complete without costumes.

And I have to say we had the best spectators.

And there is no better sight than the finish line that was right under the bridge.  Except for when you can see it for 12 miles out and you think you will never get there.  But it did make for a good finish.

Happy Running


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